Vancouver, Washington (Clark County)


Vancouver is located near the Oregon-Washington border on the Columbia River and north of Portland, OR.

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Vancouver Audubon believes in the wisdom

of nature’s design and promotes this through education, involvement, stewardship, enjoyment

and advocacy.

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Tuesday, June 6th, 2017

General Meeting & Program
 Time: 7:00 PM      
American Kestrels:
Pondering the Population Declines

                                                                       Speaker:  Brad Tripp, PhD

Dr. Brad Tripp is a Professor of Biology at Warner Pacific College in Portland Oregon.  He has worked with raptors for over 30 years.  He earned his M.S. in Raptor Biology (1991) from Boise State University and Ph.D. from the University Of Northern Colorado (2000). He is a USGS master bird bander and has worked mainly with American Kestrels and Western Screech-owls but has also worked on projects involving Northern Goshawks, Bald Eagles, Merlins, Red-tailed Hawks, and Sandhill Cranes.  He annual teaches BIO 215 Malheur Natural Studies to undergraduate’s students spending one week each spring birding in Harney and Malheur Counties with his students. He also teaches ecology and invertebrate zoology. Brad participates in the American Kestrel partnership sponsored by the Peregrine Fund.

He will share his insight into American Kestrel population declines in numerous regions of North America. He will report data from nine years of nest box monitoring at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge (Clark County) in southwest Washington, USA.  Nesting American Kestrel populations at the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge have declined steadily since 2005 as measured by nest box occupation and productivity. This data suggests that one reason American Kestrels are declining on the refuge is due to the increase in competition for nesting cavities by European Starlings (Sturnus vulgaris). Management implications indicate eviction of starlings can increase American kestrel nesting attempts.


May Field Trip: 
                Larch Mt., Clark County

May 20th, 2017 (Saturday)

                   Leader:    Arden Hagen,  360-892-8872
                   When:      May 20th, Saturday 
                   Time:        8:00 AM 
                   Meet at:    Safeway parking lot at 162nd & 4th Plain.

This is a half day plus trip. Hiking will be a bit strenuous. We will be looking for MacGillivray’s & Hermit Warbler, Sooty Grouse and more. Bring a lunch to eat at the summit & water for the hike. 

                              DISCOVERY PASS needed for parking. 
We will carpool.     
Do not forget to pay your driver for gas.

Memorial Day Weekend, May 26-29, 2017

You’re invited to attend a celebration of birds, botany, and the beauty of spring in eastern Washington. The Wenas Audubon Campout will take place on Memorial Day Weekend (May 26-29) at the Wenas Creek Campground. This three-day annual event invites campers to participate in a variety of activities, including birding field trips, flower walks, field sketching, and bat and owl prowls. You do not need to be an Audubon member to attend. All are welcome. Visit the Wenas Audubon website at ( for directions, an outline of field trips, programming, and more information. Pre-registration is not required. The campout is free and open to all ages. This is a Department of Natural Resources campground so every vehicle must display a Washington State Discover Pass. For more information 
contact Wilson Cady:


June Field Trip: 
                Larch Mt., Clark County

June 10th, 2017 (Saturday)

                   Leader:    Arden Hagen,  360-892-8872
                   When:      May 20th, Saturday 
                   Time:        8:00 AM 
                   Meet at:    the main parking lot on NE Everett St (500) at Round Lake in Camas, WA.

This will be a morning walk. We will look for Black-throated Gray Warbler, Pacific Wren, American Dipper, Pileated Woodpecker and more.


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Vancouver Audubon Meets at the:

Clark County Genealogical Society

717 Grand Boulevard (Grand & Evergreen)  Vancouver, Washington

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