Vancouver, Washington (Clark County)


Vancouver is located near the Oregon-Washington border on the Columbia River and north of Portland, OR.

Mission Statement:

Vancouver Audubon believes in the wisdom

of nature痴 design and promotes this through education, involvement, stewardship, enjoyment

and advocacy.

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Text Box: Next Meeting: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2015

General Meeting & Program
 Time: 7:30 PM

 Welcome to Subirdia
Sharing Our Neighborhoods with Wrens, 
          Robins, Woodpeckers, and Other Wildlife

Speaker:  John Marzluff  Ph.D

We all know that human development is threatening our environment.  Runoff pollutes our streams. Homes and businesses encroach on wilderness habitat. Energy use warms the planet.  Too many species are in decline.  And yet...for some of our most charismatic wild creatures, suburban and urban habitats offer surprising opportunities to thrive.

Dr. Marzluff, Professor of Wildlife Science at the University of Washington, has done decades of research on ravens and crows. His most recent book,
    Welcome to Subirdia, reveals how residential areas host a splendid array of biological diversity and may play a key role in preventing loss of species in the face of climate change and human impacts. Suburban yards and green area have become valuable habitats for birds and other threatened species.

A limited supply of this book will be available for sale at the meeting.  


Next Field Trip: November 10th, Saturday, 2015

Tillamook Area, Oregon Coast

                   Time: 8:00 AM 
                   Leader:  Arden Hagen,      360-892-8872
                   Meet at: Target Store at Jantzen Beach Parking lot. 
                       Park in the spots facing Tomahawk Island Drive if available
We will be looking for wintering waterfowl, passerines, shorebirds and more. Dress for the weather and plan on an all day trip. Bring food, snacks and drinks.    

                     We will carpool.       Do not forget to pay your driver for gas.

Vancouver Hummingbird Fledging Video

Bob Rossi shared this video of 2 young hummingbirds fledging for Vancouver Audubon Website viewing. It was taken this summer in Vancouver, WA outside his kitchen window. 
He even bought a great camera in order to take the videos after realizing his phone camera just wouldn稚 do the trick. Thanks Bob

Established December 1975

Vancouver Audubon Meets at the:

Clark County Genealogical Society

717 Grand Boulevard (Grand & Evergreen) Vancouver, Washington

(just south of Mill Plain on NE corner)