Vancouver, Washington (Clark County)


Vancouver is located near the Oregon-Washington border on the Columbia River and north of Portland, OR.

Mission Statement:

Vancouver Audubon believes in the wisdom

of nature’s design and promotes this through education, involvement, stewardship, enjoyment

and advocacy.

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Text Box: Next Meeting: 
Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

 Annual Fall Potluck Dinner
Time: 6:00 PM
Please bring a main dish, salad or dessert to serve at least 10 people to share. Bring your own table service (plate, utensils, cup, napkins, etc) and  your own drinks. 

General Meeting & Program
 Time: 7:00 PM      

                                                   Speakers:  Sherry & Arden Hagen
                                Photos by Sherry Hagen


October Field Trip: 
                Steigerwald NWR, WA

Oct. 15th, 2017 (Sunday)

                   Leader:    Joan Durgin    360-513-3986
                                    Ryan Abe
                   When:      Oct. 15th, Saturday 
                   Time:        8:30 AM 
                   Meet at:    at parking area at Steigerwald Lake NWR south side of HWY 14 
                                          just east of Washougal at MP 18. 

We will be walking the refuge for about 2 hours looking for both wintering and migrating waterfowl, woodpeckers and passerines.

It is important that you sign up with an email address or phone number in order to be contacted in case of a late cancelation of the trip. Otherwise you may show up and no one is at the meeting place. 


Membership Dues
Renewal Date is September 1st
Membership is defined at Vancouver Audubon Society (VAS) in our constitution which can be checked out by clicking on the button on the left for a more thorough explanation.

Membership dues are $10 and members will receive the Columbia Flyway newsletter and will be entitled to one vote for elections and other voted activities. The VAS newsletter can be received either by mail (black & white) or by emailed (a color pdf). 
Any questions? Please contact 

George Mayfield at (360) 687-0360 email: 
Eric Bjorkman at (360) 695-3116 email:

      Established December 1975

Vancouver Audubon Meets at the:

Clark County Genealogical Society

717 Grand Boulevard (Grand & Evergreen)  Vancouver, Washington

(just south of Mill Plain on NE corner)

    In 2016, Arden & Sherry went on a birding tour of the Philippines with 3 other people from the USA, a local guide, a visiting guide and a driver.


    They visited the 3 larger islands of Palawan, Mindanao and Luzon. Endemics and rarities were plentiful. Mindanao provided  spectacular views of the largest eagle in the world by size, the Great Philippine Eagle (the Harpy Eagle has heavy bones thus is heavier and has more bulk). They were lucky to see the gorgeous Palawan Peacock Pheasant as an elder male is still alive to continue coming to a popular park for food handouts.


    On Luzon they birded in the north near famous terrace plantations and in the south, at the former USA Naval Base which has been saved for wildlife.