Vancouver Audubon Society


Many of our Board Members receive many calls especially during Breeding Season on injured birds or baby birds that seem to be abandoned. We have no Bird Rehabilitators in the Vancouver Area that we know of. So what should you do if you find yourself in this situation?


***Please Note that European Starlings, Rock Pigeons & House Sparrows are not accepted at the facilities since they are non native species.


Many Birds that hit a window just need some time to rest to get “their wind back” before taking off again. Try putting them in a box with plenty of air for an hour of more until you hear movement then take them outdoors and test if they are ready to fly off.



   1.   Call the Portland Audubon Wildlife Care Center for information:

         or take the bird to the facilities at:
                5151 NW Cornell Rd, Portland OR [Forest Hills]


   2.  Call Arden Hagen for information:  360-892-8872 (home)


If he is available and a bird requires transport to the Portland Audubon Wildlife Care Center then you will be asked to donate a gas mileage compensation and a small donation to the Care Center for the care of the bird at the time of pick up.


   3.  There is 24 Hr. animal hospital called DoveLewis in downtown Portland that will take the bird overnight if the Portland Audubon Wildlife is closed.

                 1945 NW Pettygrove, Portland, OR        503-228-7281


   4.   Please do not call other Board Members since they are unable to help at this time.


In the meantime….

    Keep the bird in a box with small air holes.

    You might offer water via a dropper, if necessary  and watered down puppy chow to supply nutrients.